Chairman Message

Introducing Pratik College of Education in lush green surroundings of village Thepahan, P.S.- Ziradei in Siwan District is a matter of pride, privilege and pleasure for all of us. Believing in holistic development of human resources and striving for making the society a knowledge society. A small contribution is being made by us not only for spreading the message of universalization of education, but also helping to create employment opportunity for the creative, constructive and optimistic people of the society. Competence is a sum total of knowledge and skill helps in capacity building offers innumerable chances for advancement and development. This very thought has encouraged and motivated us to offer value added service in education and education system. Acting for the society as catalyst and helping in transformation of the society from nothing to every things from poor knowledge to professional knowledge from poverty to prosperity.
Ready to welcome you prepared to share knowledge and experience to mutual interest in warm and cordial environment of Pratik College of Education.

With Best Wishes

Mukesh Kumar Roy