Welcome to Pratik College of Education

Pratik College of Education is recognized by ERC-NCTE,Bhubaneshwar and affiliated toJai Prakash University, Chapra (B.Ed.Course) and Bihar School Examination Board, Patna (D.El.Ed.Course), run and managed by 'Pratik Educational Trust' 'established in 2011 by a group of social workers and leaders of education.
The college is situated in alush green surrounding of Thepahan in Siwan District. The college is designed in away too feracongenial and comfortable atmosphere of learning with all types of inputs which are required forover all development of personality and competency for the execution and implementation of further and future need of educations and to be educated . Having co-educational arrangement with state of the art Infrastructure including Library-cum-Reading Room, Science Lab, ICT Lab, Language Lab, Curriculum Lab, Psychology Lab, Computer Lab, Health and Physical Resource Centre, Music Room, Art and Craft Lab,Multipurpose Hall,Seminar Room etc. It offers an environment of grooming and blooming.

Approved Courses
Certified Teachers
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Why Choose Us?

Theory Courses

PRATIK COLLEGE OF EDUCATION provides complete theoretical knowledge to each topic, hence focusing on sound knowledge of the subject.

Practical Focus

PRATIK COLLEGE OF EDUCATION provides complete practical knowledge to each topic, hence focusing on sound knowledge of the subject.


A Well developed and equipped language lab has already been set up for personality development of learners.

Book Library

We have a very well stocked specious library full of books. Each year more books are added. Students are encouraged to visit the reading room to enrich their knowledge.

Qualified Teachers

PRATIK COLLEGE OF EDUCATION has qualified teachers who has both theory as well as practical knowledge. Our Teachers also interact with the students outside class rooms any other time when the student needs attention and care.

Class Rooms

Architecturally designed spacious classrooms (Lecture Hall) adequately ventilated, well-lit with orgonomically designed furniture for comfortable learning.