Parents & Teacher Meeting

Parent teacher meeting or parent teacher Conferences

Play a crucial role in enhancing student 's education. Oftenr dreaded by student , parent teacher meeting is an effective way for parsent and teacher to interact and discuss about their progress. Parents on the education and can further enocourage and influence their student to do we in college. Parent teacher meeting are organized time to time in the college auditorium for the fulfillment of following objectives-

  • Parent teacher association works as a bridge between parents where through mutual cooperation both decide what further steps should be takes so that a student can get most out of his/her studies.
  • Parent teacher meeting helps parents about the activities and academic progress of the student evaluated through regular assessment, assignments and observation. On the other hand , it also help parents to properly communicate and the child in class and in different activities.
  • Parent teacher meeting are not only meant for highlighting the problem related to academics but also server as a platform for appreciation.
  • To seek parent's co-operation and involvement in different educational and cultural programme organized in college . It is necessarily said that the parents must take part in parent teacher meeting on the 1" july of every year, when session commence. .